Auction for Dan-Take 2

Okay, I’m still camera-less, but I got a friend to take some pictures of the 2nd quilt and I am offering it up for auction for Dan’s treatment. The first time I offered this up, I didn’t have it completed and there were no pictures, and of course, no one bid on it. I’m going to try again. 

It’s made of natural linen mixed with salvaged hand-pieced quilt blocks, backed with a thrifted sheet, and bound with fine wale corduroy. It’s perfect for any baby boy on your Christmas list.

The bidding will go until midnight on OCTOBER 31ST. As before, to bid, just leave the amount (in whole dollars) in a comment on this, or any future post before the deadline. Again, to read about Dan, and why I am holding this auction, go HERE.

I also finished up my Scrap Challenge project hosted by JC Handmade. It was really great to see all the things people came up with. I even got a few ideas for Christmas gifts.

I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. I really didn’t want to make a quilted anything. I think I have quilt burnout, but after wracking my brain for an idea, and coming up with her name, it all fell into place. Seriously, after seeing what the first person to finish came up with... I mean, really, how do you possibly follow that up??? I am totally copying the idea, by the way, and making one for my own living room!!

As an aside, I got a very positive response from my wall hanging and thought that maybe I would see if anyone was interested in having me do a custom one for them in time for Christmas. Just send me an e-mail..

Now, it’s off to making the girl’s Halloween costume…

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1 Response to “Auction for Dan-Take 2”

  1. 1 cheryl October 30, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Just stumbled across your blog! I love your Audrey wallhanging! Im due my first baby in January and am gonna try something similar now i think. Off the material shop today :)

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