JCasa in my Casa?

So, I’m really loving the work of this woman right now. Her Boyfriend Neck warmers were the inspiration for my latest quilt, and I recently participated in her Scrap Challenge where I came up with this. Now she is giving away a mini quilt like this one..

I think her mini quilt would look lovely hanging next to the one I made for Audrey. I’m thinking Pink, Red and brown….

I am still camera-less, but hopefully will have my hands on one today. I did find, while cleaning out our one closet, my father-in-law’s Yashica Electro 35.

This is the camera he had with him in Vietnam. This baby has seen much. I’m pretty sure it’s in working order, but as I haven’t touched a film camera in like 20 years, I’m not even sure where to start. There’s something about film and having to do all the settings yourself. Like the difference between sending an e-mail and a handwritten letter. It’s just more. I remember my photography class in High School. I would spend hours and hours in the dark room. The whole process fascinates me and as much as i can appreciate the ease in my life that has come from technology and all things digital, I miss the hands on. So here’s to film cameras, record players, handwritten letters and handmade bread. When you think about it, isn’t this what drives the surge in crafters nowadays? The slow but sure demise of needing to work with our hands? We’re steadily being robbed of the process. 

If anyone out there has any suggestions for my new foray into film, I’d be most grateful.

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1 Response to “JCasa in my Casa?”

  1. 1 applecyder October 31, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    I loved what you came up with for the scrap challenge. I noticed it in the flickr pool before I saw it here. Thanks so much for swinging by my blog and saying hi! Molly

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